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The AMYMSA Championship Meet will be held at the Spire Institute on April 8-9.
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The FINAL heat sheet is now posted.
Final Heatsheet
We will not use entry cards except for the two relay events (#2 and #14). Timers will have heat sheets to write down the backup times. For the 1000 Free and 500 Free we want to fill all of the lanes so swimmers “may” be asked to move up but those are the only two events that we want swimmers to change heats or lanes.

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The results of the AMYMSA Mail-In 1650 Meet are available.

MEET CANCELLATIONS? - In the event of inclement weather, we will give you as much notice as possible regarding a meet cancellation. The Meet Host and the Secretary will make the decision when it becomes necessary. This website will contain the announcement and all Team Reps who have swimmers entered in the affected Meet will also be contacted. It has been several years since we have had to cancel a Meet and let's hope it will be several more until it happens again!

The results of the AMYMSA Championship Meet are available.
Team Competition Results


AMYMSA General Information

AMYMSA is the Allegheny Mountain YMCA/YWCA Masters Swimming Association.
This association began in 1976 to promote competitive swimming in the 'more-mature' ages (18 and over). The association has member teams from YMCAs and YWCAs that span the Allegheny Mountain region of Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia. It sponsors about 12 regular meets per year that each cover about half of the swimming events, a Mail-In 1650 Meet, and a championship meet at the end of the season that covers all the events. The regular season starts in September and runs throught March with either one or two meets each month with one of the member teams sponsoring the meet at either the local YMCA/YWCA, a local college/university/high school, or other available municiple pools.
The regular swim meets provide for competition within a person's age group and gender and also across age groups. The regular swim meets also includes relays. In addition, the championship meet provides competition between the organized teams and determines Team Champions for men's teams, women's teams, and combined teams and includes different size categories for the teams (e.g., "large" teams and "small" teams).
For all meets, seeding of the events is from fastest to slowest with men, women, and all age groups intermixed. The fastest heats swim first and continue down to the slowest heats. Results are summarized by age group and gender categories. The age groups are generally broken down in 5 year increments (18-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, ...). The association has had participants in the 85-89 age group category and hope to expand it beyond that. Relays are classified by the total age of the relay team members (72-99, 100-139, 140-179, 180-219, 220-259, 260-299,...) and the gender makeup of the relay (Men, Women, Mixed). Historical records of the fastest swims in the association-sponsored meets is also maintained (Top-10 Swims Lists)
To participate, a person only needs to be a member of a YMCA or YWCA and contact the association Secretary to register the team for the season. The association has teams with as little as a single member. A participant should be able to at least swim one length of a pool (typically 25 yards) since the minimum event distance is one length.